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Homebrewing with John


Why is the Hydrometer so under used? 0

I thought I’d take a shot at this and see if I can make using the hydrometer a little less daunting. As I said in my equipment blog, the hydrometer...
  • John Thompson

Let’s Talk All-Grain 2

Okay, we’ve covered equipment, cleaning and sanitation, and you have a couple of extract/partial mashes under your belt. You’re feeling confident a...
  • John Thompson

So you want to try brewing? 1

Like I mentioned in my introductory blog, I’ve wanted to make beer since I was a kid. Because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler (always wis...
  • John Thompson

Cleaning and Sanitation 3

Today I thought we might talk about “Cleaning and Sanitation”. One of the most frequent questions asked, here at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply, is...