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Bestmalz BEST Spelt Malt 1 lb

Product Description

Bestmalz BEST Spelt Malt

Malt Type:            Specialty

Grain Origin:        Germany

Wort Color:          1.8 – 2.7°Lovibond (3.5 - 6 EBC)

Protein:                 13.5% max. 

Moisture:             5% max.

Extract (dry):        82.5% min

Diastatic Power:

Usage:                    60% max.

BEST Spelt Malt is used to make typical, strongly top-fermented spelt beers. Spelt is an ancient grain and is known to possess a number of health benefits. For this reason, spelt was the favorite grain of Hildegard von Bingen, a pioneer of today´s health movement back in the Middle Ages. Spelt beer is considered extremely digestible and conducive to good health. As spelt is only grown and processed in a few regions in Southern Germany, BEST Spelt Malt is a unique specialty.

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