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Briess Blonde RoastOat Malt 1 oz

Product Description

Briess Blonde RoastOat Malt

Malt Type:            Specialty

Grain Origin:        North America

Wort Color:          4 °Lovibond (10 EBC)


Moisture:             3% max.

Extract (dry):        75% min.

Diastatic Power: 0 °Lintner

Usage:                    30% max.

Highly unique specialty malted and roasted oat with subtle light roasted and mild sweetness flavors and mouthfeel. Typical styles are Stout, Scotch Ale, Brown Ale, NEIPA or any beer that benefits from enhanced mouthfeel and a toasty, oaty flavor. 10% addition provides a light blonde hue; nutty and slight toast aroma with light notes of breakfast cereal. 20% addition offers a blonde hue; slight roasted oat aroma followed closely by a delicate toasty malt character with a creamy mouthfeel. 30% addition contributes a golden blonde hue; warm toasty oat aroma dominates and is balanced by a pleasant roasted character with a full viscous body.

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