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Propper Seltzer - Nutrient Pack for Hard Seltzers

Product Description

Propper Seltzer™ is a proprietary yeast nutrient used to brew 100% sugar-based hard seltzers using any beer yeast, wine yeast or distillers yeast. When brewing your sugar base, add a single dose of Propper Seltzer into the whirlpool to supply all of the nitrogen, vitamins, and minerals needed to fuel a thorough fermentation.

Traditional strains ferment in as little as 7 days when fermenting at standard ale temps 68-72°F (20-22°C). If you’re looking for even faster results, use Propper Seltzer with any of the recommended Omega Yeasts kveik strains (see below) to ferment in as little as 4 days when fermenting between 80-95°F (27-35°C).

Lutra™ Kveik (OYL-071)

Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091)

Voss Kveik (OYL-061)

Espe Kveik (OYL-090)

Propper Seltzer Tech Sheet

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