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Why do our products look different?

Why do our products look different?

As some of you know, we transitioned to a new Point of Sale system in our store last year.  Since then, the our website inventory and our retail inventory have not been talking to each other.  This has resulted in the website showing incorrect stock levels for our products.  We have also added over 50 new products since the transition and those products were not showing up on the website.

We are now taking steps to run one inventory system with our website and retail location.  In order to accomplish this, I have to remove all products that were listed on the website and repopulate them from our retail inventory.

What that means is that until we are able to update each and every product individually, the pretty pictures and awesome product descriptions that you are used to will be gone.  You will notice lesser quality pictures (or missing pictures) and transcription errors in our product descriptions.

Also, grains ordered through the website will now only be available in pound and sack quantities.  You may still purchase grain by the ounce at our retail location.

We will be working hard to update pictures, product descriptions and organization on the website, but it will take time.  We appreciate your patience during this transition and look forward to building your next brew with you!

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  • Robb Burden
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