New Stuff!

New Stuff!

We received two shipments yesterday, and some new products!  Check them out:

First, we have the Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit. This kit allows you to ferment sauerkraut or other veggies easily and safely in mason jars!

Next, we have Loral hops.  We've had a lot of folks asking us about these. Great for any beer style, these "American noble" hops feature floral, citrus, peppery, dark fruit aromas.

Finally, we have added Bestmalz BEST Red X malt to our already comprehensive malt selection. A unique malt from Germany, Red X is like a combination of Munich and Crystal malts.  When used at 100% of the grist, Red X delivers an intense 12° Lovibond red color with a Munich-like malt complexity.

  • Robb Burden